06 May 2022

Moms are fantastic, super-human beings. From being a chauffeur, chef, and tutor, moms are an all-in-one package with all of the necessary patience, kindness, and empathy. Moms have all these superpowers and more. It’s no wonder we have a whole day that is dedicated just to them. In honour of the day, we want to celebrate all mothers by showing you another thing that moms are absolutely fantastic at!

Managing everyone’s schedules

Being a mom, you always need to be on your toes. You need to be able to take little Johnny to soccer practice while making a dentist appointment for little Suzie and make sure that it won’t interfere with any other scheduled appointments. Moms need to be flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules, which is why so many mothers make such great real estate agents. Real estate agents need to accommodate their clients when they can only view houses after hours, scheduling with the current occupants to make it convenient for everyone, while simultaneously replying to all their emails and still being available to clients.

Showing the softer side

When your kid has had a tough day at school, you need to be there to listen, give advice, and provide them with comforting words the way only a mother can. In real estate, it is also important to develop an emotional connection with your clients. After all, you are there to help them with their big life decisions, like buying or selling their home.

Adapting as the situation changes

As a mom, you know how important it is to adapt to situations as they change. Things almost never go the way you planned. This is where moms and real estate professionals are similar; they both can roll with the punches. You need to have this skill to navigate the tough days, whether it’s at home or at work. When your kid tells you about a project the night before its due, you drive to the nearest open store and buy the supplies. Similarly, when the house is left in a mess before a show day, a good real estate agent will whip it into shape before any viewers arrive. This amazing skill is often what can separate the good from the great.

Multitasking like a boss

Multitasking is a must-have skill for parents and real estate agents. Having the ability to focus on several things at once is a critical asset for both roles. As a mom, getting your kids up and out the door in time for school is a daily juggling act, from preparing breakfast and making lunches, to getting them dressed while dressing yourself. Much in the same way, as a real estate agent, you might be juggling last-minute lender demands, an expedited closing schedule, and client requests at the same time… and from multiple deals, to make things even more interesting. Having the practice of multitasking at home can help agents manage the chaos of managing multiple transactions on a daily basis.

Looking for a flexible career, mom?

We get it. Raising a family while juggling a career is demanding. In real estate, you get to manage your own hours and create a schedule that works around you and your family. That’s possibly why our network is over 60% female. If you’re looking for the same kind of flexibility in your career, reach out to the professional and friendly team at RE/MAX, so they can help guide you to becoming a real estate professional.

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